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About Us

About Us
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We are amongst Top 3 Packers & Movers, Storage Provider in Pune

High Quality Storage Solution Provider

HomieStore is thought directly from the minds of young, innovative self-learned enthusiastic engineers who are on a mission to take self storage/warehouse industry to next level & bring revolution to the Indian warehouse market.

Earning Opportunity For Everyone

HomieStore has a composition of dynamic thinkers whose goals are not only providing safe storage at a reasonable price but also provide earning opportunities for storage providers in a divergent rental business model.

We also provide Packing, Shifting, & Storage Services.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

HomieStore’s mission is ingenuous in journey of Storage and Packers & Movers Solutions. Our Rule at First and foremost is, we want to provide high-quality self storage solutions and best shifting solutions at prices which everyone can afford.

We don’t want to spend a great deal of valuable time or money on marketing, which lowers the operating costs and disallows us to be more efficient. In the end, our goal is to deliver best service in market at the lowest prices possible.

Secondly, we want to do so while providing outstanding customer service. It’s not enough just to have great products.

You also must treat your customers better than they expect to be treated, and that’s why we go out of our way to ensure each and every customer has a positive experience when they choose any service from HomieStore.

Lastly, we want to do put our best effort part to ensure the future of our platform. We believe in to be truly genuine and successful, also we need to be environmentally aware, and that’s why we have instituted practices that lessen ours (and our customers’) carbon footprint. As such, we use eco friendly lighting at our storage places and have high quality reusable boxes for our shifting operation which leaves an impact for our Environment’s Safety.

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