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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1Who are HomieStore Clients?

Student, Employee, labour, private collectors of antiquities, event management firms, publishers, business owners & shopkeepers, local residents, tourists.

2 What is the rent for storing luggage?

Rent may varies based on room size and location along with the duration i.e., Day/Month/Year.

3Does our costing includes movers and packers?

No, we do not cover the cost of packing and moving. If you want you can opt combo plans.

4 What are the charges for Movers and Packers?

We can facilitate the packing and moving process through our network of vendors. The cost is dependant on the volume of goods and distance from the location of our chosen facility.We provide the best and affordable mover and packer.

5 Is it necessary to use our Packers & Mover?

No, It is not necessary. You can use your transport us well.

Storage Occupier

1How long will take to move my luggage from my flat?

It will take atleast 2 days for our team to move your luggage from your flat to our warehouses.

2 Will my luggage be handled with care?

Our team will make sure to handle all the fragile items with care.

3When should I start paying the rent for my luggage?

You have to deposit a small amount at first based on your luggage for us to shift your luggage. Thereafter you have to pay the rent on first day of every month.

4 Will my luggage/items will be tampered?

No our team will wrap all your luggage/items in a way that it can't be tampered.

5 What is the payment process?

Partial payments should be made in advance before the 3 days of renting space. Online payment prefered.

6 What are the size of our private storage unit?

We offer a wide range of storage places to meet your specific requirements

7 How do we protect your belonging from rodent and pest?

To ensure the safety of your valuables, pest control is conducted at all our premises and surrounding areas. Storage of perishable goods is strictly prohibited. We also provide complimentary pest control for your individual units during our regular checkup schedule.

8 What Item I can store in HomieStore storage?

Our storage is designed to store personal household as well as manufacturing goods including documents. You can store all your personal belongings in your household and office, such as photographs, furniture, documents, art work, motorcycles, bicycles, seasonal clothing, musical instruments and much more.

Storage Provider

1 What is the payment process?

Partial payments should be made in advance before the renting space. Online payment prefered.

2 How much deposit we need to pay?

Deposit won't be much, just for a safety purpose we will take deposit.

3 When will I receive security deposits refund?

Security deposits are usually refunded at the time of surrender of the rented storage space.

4 How much space is needed?

There is no such limitation for registering as a storage provider.