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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Your access to and use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing this Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, This page states the Terms and Conditions under which you (Visitor) may access the services provided by us under this website. The Website is owned and controlled by HomieStore LLP.
You can make an order for Services through our Website or by phone. The ordering process is as follows:
A. You shall either:
i. Follow the procedure set out on our site
ii. Call us on +91 8329339169 / 8421279582 and follow the instructions .
iii. Email us with your contact information at and we will call you back, in order to make an order for Services

B. In Enquery Form, you shall provide name, address, phone number, email address, etc. of such person who can act as your Nominee. In the event of your death or if you are unable to be reached despite of best efforts, HomieStore shall be entitled to drop / deliver the Storage Material at the address of the Nominee and upon such delivery, HomieStore shall be free from any liability towards Storage Material

Storage Service

A. We shall deliver the Storage Boxes to the address specified in the Order.
B. If there is no one available at your address when HomieStore comes to deliver the Storage Boxes, the same amount for &lsquoNO SHOW&rsquo, and a &lsquoNO SHOW FEE&rsquo shall be applicable. Please contact us to re-arrange delivery. We reserve the right to refuse to re-deliver more than once and cancel your Order with no refund if an initial re-delivery fails through no fault of our own.
C. Our Personnel will visit your premises, seal the Storage Boxes in front of you (or your absence with video call )and load it in our delivery Vans.
D. If you opt for storage of Bulky Items on the basis of per square feet, you shall in advance inform us of the list of Bulky Items and nature thereof. Our Personnel will come to your premises and load it in our Delivery Van.
E. The sealed Storage Box and Bulky Items will be delivered to our warehouse and will be stored in a defined area.
F. We will store your Items until such time as you submit a Return Request through your Customer Account via our Website.

Please note the following with regard to collection, delivery, and return of Storage Boxes and Items:

A. You shall mention the detailed address on Order form for Pick Up and Return of Boxes and will Pick Up and Return the Boxes from and at the address specified on the Order Form. Pick Up or return of Boxes to any other address shall be subject to our prior express written approval and separate cost, if any, before completing your Order.
B. We will not deliver or collect Storage Boxes and/or Items to or from an address that is not within one of the delivery postcodes specified on our site as updated from time to time unless we agree to do so in writing.
C. If your delivery address has an elevator, we will deliver, collect and/or return Storage Boxes and/or Items from or to any level serviced by such elevator, provided that the Storage Boxes and/or Items are capable of being transported in such elevator. If your delivery address does not have an elevator, or that elevator does not service labour charge is applicable.
D. We ensure that the Storage Box Items are securely and safely packed into the Storage Boxes, and the Bulky Items are securely and safely protected, so as not to cause any damage or injury to:

  • i. The Items
  • ii. The Storage Boxes
  • iii. Our property, employees, agents, or contractors and/or
  • iv. Any other items, property or person

You shall be responsible for:
A. Ensuring that we and/or our contractors have such access (including free parking facilities) as may be reasonably required to carry out the Storage pick-up & delivery Services
B. Ensuring that either you or your authorized representative (as specified in the Order) are present during the delivery, collection and return of the Storage Boxes and/or Items (Or you can guide us with video call)
C. Ensuring that all Storage Boxes are correctly sealed with the tamper-proof seals.

Storage Items & Warranty

You warrant that you are either the owner or legal custodian of the Stored Items and have full authority to store said Stored Items in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You shall ensure that the Stored Item confirm to all applicable laws. You also represent and warrant that the Stored Item does not and/or will not infringe any third party&rsquos rights including Intellectual Property Rights. You shall ensure that you have the permission and authority of the person who owns the Items to use the Storage Services in relation to the Items.

The Items must not include any of the following:
A. Food or perishable items
B. Any living creature
C. Weapons, arms or ammunition
D. Any item which emits fumes, smell or odour
E. Gold-silver, jewellery, currency, ivory, precious metals or stones
F. Illegal substances or items illegally obtained (including any drugs)
G. Combustible or flammable materials, liquids or compressed gases, diesel, petrol, oil, gas, artificial fertilizer or cleaning solvents
H. Chemicals, radioactive materials or biological agents, toxic waste, asbestosor other materials of a dangerous nature
I. Any other toxic, flammable or hazardous items
J. Any dangerous substances of hazardous nature
K. Any other items, the possession, transport or storage of which contravene in any way any applicable laws or regulations.

Where Items are in breach of above section :
A. We shall be entitled to open, return, pass to any law enforcement authority or government agency (including the police and fire service), or by court order, destroy or otherwise dispose of the Items as we (in our absolute discretion) see fit and we shall have no liability to you in respect of such Items and
B. You shall be responsible for all resulting costs, expenses and losses incurred by us and shall pay such amounts to us on demand.

Risk & Insurance

The Storage Boxes are our property and shall be used by you only for the purpose of using the Services in accordance with this Agreement and Order. Nothing in this Agreement, nor any representation made by any of our representatives, will have the effect of transferring ownership of any Storage Boxes to you or any other third party.

In the case of Storage Services, HomieStore will facilitate insurance as per the declared valuation of items stored at HomieStore, which amount will cover liability in respect of:
A. Collection of the Items from the address specified in the Order and transportation of the items to our storage facility
B. Storage of the Items at our storage facility and
C. Returning the Items to the address specified in your Return Request.

For Insurance claims, you need to furnish original invoices and all such documents as may be required by the Insurance Company from time to time. The claim settlement would be as per the insurance company&rsquos claim survey and the final amount received from the insurer.

For Electronic items- serial number, make, year of Manufacture, etc will be cataloged.

For paintings, antiques, etc, separate valuation duly certified by government registered valuer will be made available to us. The cost of valuation has to be borne by the customer.

With regards to the storage of motor vehicles, the customer has to give the originally owned motor insurance policy as well as a photocopy of the RC book. It is your responsibility for the renewal of insurance on a timely basis.

The category needs to be maintained for the different items being stored in the box as well as space, eg: Crockery, clothes.

The risk and responsibility will remain with you when you are hiring a third-party vendors for transportation and packaging and HomieStore agrees to only store the Goods of the Storer on the &ldquosaid to contain&rdquo / &ldquoAS IS&rdquo basis. The contents of Goods are not verified by the Company. We recommend that you arrange insurance on your own if you are choosing to not opt for HomieStore packaging and transportation services.


Each party shall keep in strict confidence all information which is of a confidential nature and which has been disclosed by one party to the other party. This provision shall survive termination of this Agreement. HomieStore shall be entitled to disclose all or any Confidential Information to any Government or Regulatory authority without prior intimation to you. 

Fraud Protection

As part of our order processing procedures, we may screen received orders for fraud or other types of unauthorized or illegal activity. We reserve the right to refuse to process an order due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity. We also reserve the right to cancel any accounts or refuse to ship to certain addresses due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity. We take these measures to protect our customers as well as ourselves from fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.

Space Renting Process

Upon confirmation, a signed Lease Agreement (in person), one month's rent with Tax and the Security Deposit. The Security deposit is refundable at the end of the lease term and requires a 30-day notice in writing.Taxes are subject as per law.

Please note:
&bull Once a storage space is reserved, we can only guarantee the availability of the selected storage space for a period of 24 hours
&bull The lease term is for 3 months
&bull The lease agreement is standard, and no part of it can be changed
&bull 30-day notice (in writing) is required to break the duration of the lease period.
Documentation: Two current colour photographs and one ID proof (Valid Passport, Driving License, Aadhar card or Voter ID) for both the primary and nominated Tenant.
Security Parameters: We maintain a strict security check of your rental space. CCTV Cameras are installed through-out our premises with 24X7 monitoring.


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Governing law

The laws of India govern these terms and conditions and the courts of Pune shall have exclusive jurisdiction.